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  • Off to New York, New York…

    Published on August 26, 2013

    This has been a fantastic journey, and here I am, flying to the City of my dreams. I can’t thank you all enough for being such supporters in every way! Thank you Pajol Bar for giving me the best farewell party, all of you who came, played,sang and danced with me.. it was beautiful! And now – SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Flying with me there are many ??? flying around my head. Bye-bye!! (this is going to be the longest birthday … Read More »

  • Manhattan Dream of Music – the campaign is finished

    Published on July 9, 2013

    I want to thank each and every one of you who helped me on my journey to New York, through this campaign or in other ways. This experience was a pleasure, and the campaign itself raised more than 2,000.00$!!! Now I am in the process of producing my first CD that was one of the perks in the campaign – it will be finished before Crescendo Music Festival. Another information for those who ordered postcards from New York – the … Read More »

  • The fundraising campaign for my education has started!!!

    Published on April 29, 2013

    Follow at: / / Pratite na: If you want simply to donate the number of account is: / / Ako zelite samo donirati sredstva, broj racuna je: HRK: 2340009-3213166975 ili USD IBAN: HR9523400093213166975, SWIFT number 20267355174 (Privredna banka Zagreb). I did something unusual – I started Indiegogo campaign that will help me to go achieve my dream education in New York at Manhattan School of Music.. a way to became a Master they say :)) Please go check it … Read More »

  • I got admitted into the Master of Music program @ Manhattan School of Music!!!

    Published on April 10, 2013

    This is really exciting: I got admitted into the Master of Music program in jazz voice at one of the most prestige schools in the world! I have acquired it by going to the audition in New York. While I was there an extraordinary thing happened – there were some musicians at the audition that accompanied another singer, and they invited me to come sing that night in St. Peter’s Church (a base in black jazz community) – it felt … Read More »

  • Vote for Astrid@Made In NYC Jazz Competition

    Published on January 27, 2013

    Dear friends! You can support me by voting for me at Made In NY jazz festival – which could get me to perform there! All you have to do is go to this link and if you like what you see vote for me (by registering to vote (giving your name and email at Register to vote – blue part) and follow the link you get on your mail to the pink part.. 30 seconds max!) … another idea … Read More »

  • First recording with Matija Dedic, Zvone Sestak and Kruno Levacic is published on Youtube!

    Published on January 18, 2013

    The Meaning of The Blues, the first song recorded with this amazing musicians (Matija, Zvone and Kruno) is published! I did the sorry job of doing the video editing, but it serves only as a reference. Maybe some day I will do it right, but for now this is it. The other two songs with Matija and four new ones with another great piano player, Hrvoje Galler, are coming out soon. This video editing business is not fun as doing … Read More »

  • …and some more good news…

    Published on December 21, 2012

    Not only that we survived “the end of the world”, but I also received this, that could be the end of the world as I know it: “We are very pleased to inform you that you have passed the prescreening round for the Master of Music in Jazz Voice. Congratulations! The next step is…” JUHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Manhattan here I come!

  • Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!

    Published on December 20, 2012

    Xmas came early for me this year, precisely, last weekend: the Mildreds concert on Friday and on Saturday recording for the audition with Kruno Levacic, Zvonimir Sestak and for the first time ever Matija Dedic…it was really something else.. My New Year’s wish will be that every weekend could be like this one! thank you all so much, tudi Mildredsove Uros, Ziga i Blaz, Francesco Moretti, Niikso, Lela and Joe Kaplowitz and Feki, Mr.The Sound of Maribor.