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I got admitted into the Master of Music program @ Manhattan School of Music!!!

Posted on April 10, 2013

This is really exciting: I got admitted into the Master of Music program in jazz voice at one of the most prestige schools in the world! I have acquired it by going to the audition in New York. While I was there an extraordinary thing happened – there were some musicians at the audition that accompanied another singer, and they invited me to come sing that night in St. Peter’s Church (a base in black jazz community) – it felt as I was in an old movie! So many more great things happened, and since I’ve been back home I am devoted to finish the Trieste Conservatory as soon as possible and to begin the next fall in New York. I need to raise a lot of funds to realize this dream, but it’s all coming together – I am starting a crowd funding campaign on the indiegogo website. So, keep your fingers crossed, join in, spread the word and stay tuned for new information!