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Hello China!

Posted on January 14, 2017

IMG_5581 I got to see a little bit of China as a tourist as well as perform in the JZ club in Hangzhou with a great band subbing for the wonderful Annie Chen: Tomoko Omura – violin, Marius Doboule – guitar, Mat Muntz – bass and Derric Dickens – drums

This trip has made me aware of the pollution that is real in other parts of the world. Seems the greed will make us suffocate in the end. Hangzhou is a beautiful city on the West Lake, a real peaceful community with a great tradition. To have to wear masks seems like you entered an ugly future. And the future is now. We had to wear masks all the time. The air stinks. It’s not a joke, it’s reality and it’s happening now. And of course, it can be very easily stopped, because it’s people made. It makes me go crazy to see the extent of the human selfishness and greed.