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Graduation Recital at MSM – February 12th 2015

Posted on January 21, 2015

F12_5415Dear friends,

my master program is finishing soon (I’lll be graduating in May, 3 semesters down, one more to go). I dug deep in this crazy music, got my hands dirty and now it’s time to round it up and show you why you haven’t seen me much outside of school all this time.

I’m very excited to invite you to my concert – official graduation recital at Manhattan School of Music (school entrance from 122 street between Broadway and Claremont Avenue, 7th floor) on February 12th at 8 PM.

There are going to be wonderful musicians playing with me. I am so happy I got to meet all of them here at school. We will be performing my original songs and standards arranged for various instrumentation.
Also, I am beyond thrilled that the very person who explained to me that I need to come to NY, magnificent free saxophone, double bass and piano player Charles Gayle will be the special guest of the show.

Saxophones: Mercedes Beckman, Patrick Alexander Bartley Jr., Eitan Gofman
Trumpet: Jon Oskar Stenmark
Trombone: Seth Weaver
Piano/guitar: Billy Test
Double bass: Mat Muntz
Drums: Joe Peri

Second part will be a preview of the solo live electronics vocal show I’m producing with a fantastic dancer who is also studying here, Jasmin Vrban from my hometown.

What else to say than – please do come to celebrate the last semester! and yes, free admission :)