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Finals are done, graduation is around the corner and yay, concerts around New York are approaching fast!

Posted on May 12, 2015

graduation_baby_sandhill_crane_soap_dispensers-r083367db50334414ab89964f07730575_zh5wq_512I am happy that I can finally inform you that I will be singing outside of school, and here is my first press release in USA – about the concerts I will be producing in the real world. thank you!
I will also sing at a house concert in Brooklyn on May 17th with Mat Muntz, the vocal-bass-electronic duo together with two fantastic bands – Klazz-ma-tazz and J-Music Ensemble. Meeting these wonderful musicians has been one of the greatest take-aways from attending MSM.
I finished my two last finals today and borrowed the american cap and gown for Friday. I think I earned the time to take a nice, looooooooong bath.