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Croatia – July and August update

Posted on August 20, 2015


Dear friends,

time flies! I feel like I just arrived home but the reality is that I am leaving for New York way too soon!

I had a wonderful summer – had a chance to perform with Tedi Spalato, Bruno Krajcar and Goran Ilic, recorded with Kruno Levacic (check out the video below!), so I really didn’t have much time to socialize (and, to tell the truth, it was too hot and I wanted to spend some time with my family on Cres).

In the mean time, I managed to organize the 8th Crescendo Music Festival that starts today and lasts till Saturday. This year performers will come from all over the world: Lana Is (New York), 4in3+1 (Zagreb), Cristian Garcia (Los Angeles), The Hunting Dogs (Italy) and Mildreds, my favorite band (Croatia/ Slovenia).
We also have a photo exhibition by Francesco Moretti in collaboration with Ruta, and Nives Soldicic performing aerial silk acrobatics.

Apart from Crescendo, I will be performing in Vrbnik (23.8.) with Uros Rakovec (guitar) and right before I leave, I am preparing a concert-session-hang at Pajol bar in Rijeka on August 25th.

My birthday is on Aug 26th and I’m flying on the 27th, so Tuesday is the perfect day to hang – even though I’ve been in Croatia for almost a month, I haven’t seen most of my friends so I would like to invite you all to come celebrate my birthday.

I wanted to make this celebration at Pajol cause Haris and Zaklina were the ones who organized a benefit concert for my education two years ago. I want to thank them this way, them and all of you who helped me when I needed it the most.

I got the degree, started performing and teaching and yes, I’m going back to enjoy that crazy city some more.

At Manhattan School, I focused on music from different countries like Brazil, India, klezmer, and mostly live acoustic electronics though Ableton Live program which I will perform at Pajol.

I want to invite all friends that I haven’t seen, those that I have, and specially musicians from Rijeka to come to Pajol on Aug 25 at 8 PM to say “hello goodbye” and come play, please don’t forget your instruments!

As for NY, my first concert will be at Tomi Jazz on September 8th, 8 pm with amazing friend from school Billy Test (piano).

I am also building a private studio so feel free to recommend me to anyone who wants to learn music and sing, either in NY or anywhere in the world – God bless technology and Skype lessons :)

Hope to see you somewhere, here or there!