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Astrid Kuljanic’s project “Why Are You Gone?” has been awarded a Brooklyn Arts Fund grant! Online performance scheduled for July 16th 2020, reserve your spot by registering at the Zoom link in the description

Posted on June 23, 2020

Why Are You Gone? Concert

Astrid Kuljanic’s project Why Are You Gone? has been awarded a Brooklyn Arts Fund grant to produce multiple concerts in neighborhoods that have a significant immigrant population from Eastern and Southern Europe through Brooklyn. Since the current situation doesn’t allow for live performances, we decided to live stream the concert in duo with Mat Muntz on bass and bagpipes, and make it more interactive.

Why Are You Gone? is a performance project featuring music connected to the experience of migration, from the perspective of immigrants as well as the countries they’ve left. The program will consist of music written during various periods of mass emigration from Eastern and Southern Europe as well as original compositions reflective of contemporary immigration issues. It will be a multilingual performance in many Slavic languages.

The performance has been preceded by a period of musicological/historical research with the goal of curating a program in line with these themes, as well as informing the composition of the program’s original songs. It is our hope that such a program will bring together some of NYC’s diverse immigrant communities in a shared cultural experience.

You and your community are invited to join the performance as a live audience on Zoom on July 16th at 8pm. The performance will also be streamed live on Astrid’s page on Facebook as well as her channel on YouTube, where it will be available to watch after the concert. We encourage active participants on Zoom to comment and ask questions as a Q&A with the musicians after the performance. To be a part of the interactive Zoom audience, please register at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Also if you know any other communities or individuals that might be interested in this performance, we will appreciate it if you would share info with them!