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“…And He Will Be Our Brother,” A concert to benefit the people in Syria through SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society Foundation)

Posted on November 20, 2016

image001The concert’s title (“…And He Will Be Our Brother”) was inspired by a letter of a 6-year old American boy to President Barack Obama. In the letter, the little boy asked to welcome Omran Daqneesh, the 5-year-old Syrian boy from Aleppo- whose image sitting in an ambulance covered in blood and dust shocked the world- into his home in the U.S. “We will give him a family, and he will be our brother”, he said. Through his heartfelt letter, this little boy has taught us to stand for humanity that unites us all and shed light on the plight of children who are suffering under constant bombardment and siege. They are indeed our brothers, and that is what propels our will to help alleviate their suffering.

Omaran was treated at a SAMS-supported hospital in eastern Aleppo City. SAMS is a non-profit, non-political medical relief organization that is working on the front line of crisis relief in Syria and neighboring countries to save lives and alleviate suffering. In 2015, SAMS treated more than 2.6 million Syrians.

Special performances by renowned New York City musicians, including Edmar Castañeda, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, Kevin Hays, Gregoire Maret, John Ellis, Matt Clohesy, Magos Herrera, Vitor Gonçalves, Rogerio Boccato and Asaran Earth Trio.

The Syrian crisis is the largest humanitarian tragedy since World War II. Hospitals and civilian infrastructure continue to be targeted. The need is greater than ever, and we feel the need to help and contribute, in any way possible. The NYC jazz community is coming together donating their time and talents to put on an evening of beautiful music, with the aim of raising funds that will help SAMS to continue their work of providing medical care, supplies and training to doctors in conflict zones, as well as to lead projects that will strengthen and protect hospitals from future attacks.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 @ 7:30pm
Saint Peter’s Church
619 Lexington Ave, NYC

Edmar Castañeda
Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts
Kevin Hays
Gregoire Maret
John Ellis
Matt Clohesy
Magos Herrera
Vitor Gonçalves
Rogerio Boccato
Asaran Earth Trio

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SAMS Contact person: Lara Zakaria, President of SAMS Tri-State chapter: (973) 641-0193;