Singer/Composer/Artistic Director


astridAstrid is an experienced teacher and performer. She has taught beginner and advanced-level students ages 7 to 42 in private and group lessons. Her lessons incorporate jazz, pop, and rock genres with an emphasis on singing techniques, rhythm skills, theory, ear training, musicianship, and stage presence. Her advanced lessons include the use of looping and live electronics.

“Anyone can enjoy music.
Anyone can create music.
Anyone can enjoy creating music.”

Teaching students of all levels, talent, and ages, I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever has that urge to participate in the music making process, either as a performer, composer or an active listener, can enjoy creatively expressing themselves through making music. The word “playing” in English suggests a game, and learning music should be a fun, enjoyable experience. In private lessons I concentrate on technical abilities and the personal emotional connection to music with the same intensity.

Lessons are available in NYC and during summer in Croatia.
Online (Skype/Facebook/Facetime) lessons available as well!

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